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Welcome to the photographic portfolio of the Danish photographer Steen Karlsson. This portfolio presents image galleries from four areas of Steen´s work, ranging from wide landscapes to Scandinavian wildlife, and through the project “speed” to his wonderful little planets.

His images give a portrait style look at the Scandinavian wildlife and landscape, and through his creative and emotional approach to nature, the animals and landscapes are portrayed in all their majestic and colorful beauty. Most of the wildlife images are captured in the Scandinavian landscape and forests, where days of stalking often come as preparation before the right photograph is captured.
The “Speed – a moment in time” project presents a collection of cars and trains motion images, that show the photographers ability to create photographic art from everyday scenes. The last presentation is the experimental genre “Little planets” – 360 degrees panoramic views that give a unique and different perspective of his objects of interest.

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The photo galleries

The featured galleries below, are a selection of Steen`s work in four of his primary genres. Click on the button in each picture to enjoy the full gallery. Scroll through this site from wide landscapes to Scandinavian wildlife, and enjoy the different stories that the images tell. If you want to view Steen´s work from a different perspective, then explore the social platforms at the bottom of this page, and follow Steen to get a more personal view of his photographic skills.

Wide landscapes

Nordic landscape photography

As a photographer who is in love with nature, the need to try to document every beautiful sunset, or the features and patterns of a landscape is always a powerful drive. Capturing these amazing moments as they are experienced in real life is an impossible task, but as a photographer, you always hope to catch some of the moment in your photograph, so that some of the feelings and emotions can be passed on to others. Steen´s images focus on the beautiful world around us. Not only in the most stunning locations, but also in common places where we can all meet those special moments of beauty and peace. The untraditional format used in his landscape imagery, is chosen in his attempt to capture as much of the scene as possible. Steen´s images are often taken as a series of captures that are merged together in post production in order to reach the best possible quality and resolution.

Speed- a moment in time

Automotive photography of cars and trains

The “speed” project started out in 2014. The combination of machine and speed in the capture fascinated the photographer, and this series is based on this impression. Steen´s images give a different perspective to everyday situations that are normally not an area of focus. The collection of trains and cars that rush by, are photographed in environments that are normally not very interesting. These images are fascinating and beautiful in their own special way. Click on the button in the picture to enjoy this special gallery.

Wonderful little planets photography

a world of impressions viewed from above

Take a look at this gallery and you will experience a very special kind of photography – Steen´s wonderful little planets. These photographs are very creative and full of expressions. The series is based on a set of carefully chosen locations, and the final images are each constructed through 14 separate photographs that form a full 360-degree view of the object in focus and their surroundings.
In post production the captured data is combined to get this special field of view as the final result. Creating these special little planets of art, takes more than the technical knowledge of 360 degree photography. To create the results of this series, careful planning of the scene, combined with a creative mind is a must. Click in the image to see the collection of these wonderful images.

Scandinavian wildlife photography

Beautiful creatures & environments

Wildlife photography is a very important genre for Steen. His love of the Scandinavian landscape and beautiful forests, drive him out to explore and experience the wildlife up close. Images like these don’t come easy. Sometimes luck makes it possible to get the right capture in a few hours, most times though, hours and days of stalking and waiting, and hundreds of meters on knees and elbows come before success. Enjoy the special portrait style of these images that show the wild animals in their natural habitat.

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